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ATC Group provides taxation, audit and assurance, accounting, and investment, and company incorporation advisory services We specialize in Tax consultation and services. ATC is a member of the Geneva Group International (GGI) global network, linking independent accountancy firms, business consultants, and specialized legal advisors across the world.

Audit and Assurance

Our dedicated team of experienced auditors undertake a meticulous review of your financial statements, ensuring both accuracy and compliance with stringent accounting standards and regulatory mandates. We not only identify potential issues but also uncover opportunities for financial improvement. Our aim is to bolster investor confidence and strengthen your standing in the capital markets.

Tax services

ATC provides comprehensive and innovative tax solutions through dedicated teams of tax experts, each specializing in distinct tax categories. Our core tax services encompass Corporate Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), Salary Tax, Stamp Tax, Withholding Tax, Real Estate Tax and International Tax. ATC also provides expert guidance in preparing and submitting tax returns, ensuring strict compliance with the most up-to-date tax regulations.

Transfer Pricing

In the realm of cross-border transactions, the paramount importance of transfer pricing has gained recognition across businesses of diverse sizes. This heightened awareness is a direct result of the intensified scrutiny from tax authorities and the ever-stringent regulatory landscape, which has elevated the level of risks faced by companies.

Investment and companies incorporation

Facilitating the establishment of diverse corporate structures, including stock companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships, foreign company branches, representatives, liaison offices, and research and development centers. ATC provides expertise in seamless investment strategies and efficient and effective company incorporation.

Accounting & tax Training Courses

Our Team focuses on delivering high-quality professional education & training services in financial accounting, management accounting, external & internal audit and taxation. We offer competitive review programs for international professional certifications, including: CMA (US), CIA (US), DipIFR (UK), and CertIFR (UK)...

Social Insurance

Our Social Insurance division manages the complete spectrum of social insurance applications and adeptly resolves any associated issues or disputes. We specialize in two key areas: Standard and Contractual Social Insurance. Our dedicated team is committed to safeguarding our clients' interests in any potential conflicts or challenges that may emerge with the Social Insurance Authority.


Our E-invoice division offers a comprehensive suite of E-invoicing services in full compliance with the mandates of the Local Tax Authority. Our E-invoice services encompass the following key components: Registration with the Local Tax Authority, Procurement of E-signature tokens, Product/Service coding and systems’ integration.

System Inspection

Our Systems Inspection Service represents a unique offering designed to address the swift technological evolution within the Tax Authority. It focuses on the meticulous examination of applied Internal Financial Control Systems, enhancing the audit process and ensuring full compliance with Tax Authority requirements.

International Taxation Depatment

Our International Taxation Department is staffed with certified professionals who specialize in providing comprehensive international tax consultancy services. These services are specifically tailored to address the intricate nuances of double-tax treaties negotiated and ratified with various other countries. Our team of experts ensures that clients receive in-depth guidance and strategic insights to navigate the complexities of cross-border taxation in accordance with these treaties, facilitating seamless international business operations.

Business Optimisation Services

Our Team are committed to elevating your business through strategic optimization of efficiency, cost reduction, and maximization of profitability. Using state-of-the-art methodologies and customized solutions, they are able to streamline your processes, enhance productivity and elevate your competitive standing.

Hire the Professionals

ATC provides integrated and innovative tax solutions. Our tax services department is divided into specialized teams of tax experts, with each team specializing in a specific kind of tax. 
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Why ATC Group Is Your Ideal Partner

  • Fits Business Requirments

    Our work ethic is founded on diligence and determination, ensuring that we deliver services to the highest standards, meeting the unique business requirements of our clients in our specialized areas.

  • Market Expertise

    With extensive market knowledge gained over years of operation in national and foreign markets, ATC Group holds a significant advantage, particularly in the field of taxation. We provide trusted and reliable consultations to add value and offer solutions for our clients.

  • Business Support

    We help your business overcome the diverse array of challenges you may face, by ATC Group is committed to helping your business navigate diverse challenges by providing expert consultations in taxation, accounting, auditing, and investment and company incorporation. We are your partner in success. you with consultations in the areas of tax, accounting, auditing and investment and company incorporation.