Audit and Assurance

Our Auditing and Assurance service provides insight on the current state of firms, exploring the legitimacy of firms’ financial statements and providing assurance to investors and capital markets. ATC’s dynamic work environment also supports firms’ bookkeeping process to ensure effective reporting in line with the regulatory framework. We strive to provide rich audit insights and evidence, to streamline the firms’ growth plans and ambitions.

Tax services

ATC provides integrated and innovative tax solutions. Our tax services department is divided into specialized teams of tax experts, with each team specializing in a specific kind of tax. The main types of tax are: Corporate tax, VAT, Salary tax, Stamp tax, Withholding tax and Real Estate Tax.

Tax audit and preparing annual tax returns

      Performing tax audit, as well as preparing and submitting tax return.

  • Auditing expense and revenue documents and client capital expenses to verify the fulfillment of the formal and material requirements of the latest applicable tax law with respect to documentation, bookkeeping, and the documentary cycle.

Investment and companies incorporation

1. Incorporating all kinds of stock companies, partnerships, individual firms, branches of foreign companies,
and representatives, liaison and scientific offices.
2. Giving consultations regarding companies and their related laws.
3. Performing economic feasibility studies of projects.


    Our bookkeeping department provides a specialized service for clients preferring to      outsource their bookkeeping activities. This department is responsible for:

  • Handling accounting books of clients
  • Preparing monthly trial balance
  • Setting up the accounting system
  • Organizing the accounting books to meet both the local legal requirements as well as client requirements.


Social Insurance

Our Social Insurance department handles all aspects of social insurance applications and resolves any problems or disputes. We work in two types: typical and contracting social insurance. We defend our clients in any problem that may arise with the social insurance authority.

Accounting & tax Training Courses

ATC provides training courses in the areas of taxes, accounting, auditing and managerial skills, in an effort to develop employee skill sets and expand their abilities. We also provide training courses tailored for clients’ needs using the latest and finest training techniques and materials, working on developing management skills to reach its highest potential. Through our complete training packages, we aim to create a new caliber of management armed with skills that reflect in the corporate world. It will develop them into visionary decision makers refining the future of corporate life in Egypt.