Our investment and company incorporation services include:
1. Incorporating all kinds of stock companies, partnerships, individual firms, branches of foreign companies, and representatives, liaison and scientific offices.
2. Giving consultations on companies and their respective laws.
3. Performing economic feasibility studies of projects.
4. Performing investment and finance studies.
5. Evaluating the financial position of existing companies.
6. Analysis of the financial indicators as well as the performance appraisal.
7. Restructuring: changing the legal form, merging, dividing, acquisition and liquidation.
8. Registering companies in the commercial and industrial registry, the capital market authority, the stock exchange, the commercial agents, the exporters and importers registry, the financing lease, the private sector contractors and the Egyptian contractors union for construction.
9. Amending articles of association and conciliation of companies’ status, shareholders general assemblies, boards of directors, shareholders registries, ownership, and transfer books and drafting contracts and sub agreements.
10. Assisting in getting work and residence permits for non- Egyptians.
11. Assisting in getting the necessary authorizations and permits for projects and companies and helping clients in resolving and settling any disputes or problems that may arise with government and non- government bodies.