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Investment and Company Incorporation

Proficiency in streamlined investment and successful establishment of companies.


Our Investment & Company Incorporation Department offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet your business needs. Our extensive range of services includes:

  • 1. Incorporation Services

    Specialists in establishing various types of entities, including stock companies, partnerships, individual firms, branches of foreign companies and representatives.

  • 2. Legal Consultations

    Experts in providing valuable guidance on company-related legal matters and navigating you through relevant laws and regulations.

  • 3. Economic Feasibility Studies

    Experienced in conducting meticulous economic feasibility studies for projects, assessing their viability and potential for success.

  • 4. Investment and Financial Studies

    Ability in conducting in-depth investment and financial analyses, our team offers insights to support well-informed decision-making.

  • 5. Financial Evaluation and Performance Analysis

    Qualified in the ability to evaluate the financial health and positioning of existing companies, we provide a clear perspective for strategic planning. Our expertise extends to analyzing financial indicators and conducting thorough performance appraisals.

  • 6. Corporate Restructuring

    Offering advice and guidance on legal changes, including alterations to a company's legal form, mergers, divisions, acquisitions, and liquidations.

  • 7. Regulatory Compliance

    Providing services which encompass the facilitation of company registration with various regulatory bodies, including the commercial and industrial registry, the capital market authority, the stock exchange, commercial agents, exporters & importers registry, financing lease authorities, private sector contractors and the Egyptian contractors' union for construction.

  • 8. Documentation and Legal Services

    Assisting in amending articles of association, reconciling companies' statuses, managing shareholders' general assemblies, overseeing boards of directors, maintaining shareholders' registries, ownership and transfer books, and drafting contracts and sub-agreements.

  • 9. Immigration and Licensing Support

    Equipped to streamline the process of acquiring work and residence permits for foreign nationals.

  • 10. Government Liaison

    Excel at assisting clients in obtaining the necessary authorizations and permits for projects and companies. We are also adept at resolving disputes or issues that may arise with both government and non-government entities.

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