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Audit and Assurance

Our Auditing & Assurance Service provides insight into the financial health of organizations


We conduct thorough examinations of financial statements to ensure their integrity, instilling confidence in investors and capital markets. Within ATC’s dynamic work environment, we also facilitate effective bookkeeping processes that align with regulatory frameworks. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive audit insights and robust evidence to support firms in their growth strategies and aspirations.

Our Team:

All of our senior staff members are accredited accountants and auditors, possessing international qualifications or their local equivalent. Our professional teams bring extensive and diverse experience, having worked for prominent international accounting and auditing firms, as well as international and local entities across various sectors, including: Industrial, Commercial, Contracting, Construction, Real Estate, Tourism & Hotels, Telecommunication, Finance, Oil, Social Societies, and Service Industries.

Our Audit Approach:

We conduct audits in strict accordance with the auditing standards of the specific country and within the framework of applicable national laws and regulations. Our audit process comprises of 3 stages:

  • Audit Planning

    Here our Team focuses on: Key Audit Areas, Timely Issue Resolution, and Efficient Audit Execution. The conclusion of this phase involves having clearly identified significant audit areas, their characteristics, audit timing, tailored audit procedures and team selection.

  • Interim Audit

    In this phase, we assess the company's accounting system, regulatory compliance, and internal controls through document examination and testing. This evaluation guides the scope and approach of our year-end financial statement audit.

  • Final Audit

    In the final stage, we rigorously review the client's financial statements, conduct tests to check for changes in accounting and internal controls and perform selected audit procedures to provide a professional opinion on the financial statements' accuracy and validity.

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