Tax services and consultations

  • ATC Group is a leading professional service firm

  • ATC Group renders a range of services in the fields of audit, assurance, accounting, taxation, investment and incorporation of new companies

  • We are members of Geneva Group International (GGI) global network, linking independent accountancy firms,business consultants,and specialized legal advisors across the world.

  • We are currently operating in two countries, with expansion plans in other area of the world. We first plan to increase our presence in the Middle East area in the coming years

General business strategy

We have always emphasized the professionalism and expertise of our staff, who render the highest level of service as well as maintain excellent client relations.

Our success is a derivative of our experienced human capital, the effective and efficient services we provide, and our strong client relations.

ATC is an advocate of continuous development of its human capital, providing training programs and encouraging the attainment of relevant international certificates

Our values

Our uncompromising adherence to our morals and ethical values allows us to provide our clients with remarkable services, contributing to having a positive impact on society. Our values include:

1-      Integrity: We work ethically, doing what is morally correct and of benefit to our clients, employees, and society. We refuse to participate in any activity undermining the integrity of our business

2-      Professional conduct: Our work ethic guarantees services provided are carried out at the highest standards and quality, exceeding international rules and regulations of professional business conduct.

3-      Making a difference: We aim to make a progressive difference through our business activity, ensuring our impact is positive on all our stakeholders

ATC Vision

ATC – Ashraf Abdel Ghani Accountants and Tax consultants Group aspires to become an industry leading group in its respective fields of auditing, taxation, accounting, managerial and legal consultancies in the Arab world, supporting both local and international businesses’ operations and accelerating their growth.

ATC Mission

To convert our integrated and comprehensive solutions, market
knowledge, and experience into value facilitating growth and prosperity of clients’ businesses.

Why choose ATC?


Diligence and determination govern our work ethic, allowing us to perform our services at the highest standards to meet clients’ business requirements in our areas of specialization.

With the substantial market knowledge attained during our span of operation in national and foreign markets, ATC has gained a significant market advantage especially in the field of tax. It is our responsibility to deliver trusted and reliable consultations to add value and provide solutions for our clients.

We help your business overcome the diverse array of challenges you may face, by providing you with consultations in the areas of tax, accounting, auditing and investment and company incorporation.

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ATC Ashraf Abdel Ghani Managements Consultants
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ATC Ashraf Abdel Ghani Sobol El Khebra for Zakat & Income Tax Consultants. (KSA)
Mr.Adel Bakry

Partner & Board Member of Corporate Tax Sector

Ahmed Abdel Ghani

Executive Partner & Managing Director

Yara Ahmed Adel Ghani

Director of International Relations

Ashraf Abdel Ghani

Senior Partner & CPA and President of the Egyptian Tax Association


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